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Aloha Chi McBride

Posted by on July 14, 2013
Grover, HPD

Grover, HPD

According to Hawaii Five-O’s executive producer and show runner, Peter M. Lenkov, “It’s always fun to dig back into Five-O mythology and resurrect a character.” On the upcoming fourth season, the show will see the reprise of SWAT Captain Lou Grover.  The character, Captain Lou Grover that appeared during the 7th Season of the original Hawaii Five-O, was played by Scott Brady.  Chi McBride will be the one to reenact that role in H50’s Season 4.

In a recent press release, Peter Lenkov said, “The recently transfer of Captain Grover from the Chicago police department to HPD wasn’t easily sold on Five-O′s tactics and the way Steve McGarrett and his merry band of ‘do-whatever-the-hell-they-want’ task force operate. What Five-O does goes against Grover’s own style of law enforcement.  And that is what creates good drama…so prepare for some combustion and tension between these two men this season.”

Chi McBride as Principal Steven Harper on Boston Public

Chi McBride as Principal
Steven Harper on Boston Public

Chi McBride, known as “Principal Steven Harper” in Boston Public, “Emerson Cod” in Pushing Daisies and very recently as “Detective Don Owens” in Golden Boy is nicknamed after the city from where he was born – Chicago, Illinois. Kenneth “Chi” McBride did not pursue show business until he was in his thirties. He really wanted to be a musician.  He learned a couple of instruments while in school and was in a gospel choir.  He even worked a bit for a telephone company in Atlanta, Georgia. 

McBride, an aficionado for cigars, appreciates his enviable wine cellar of 1,600 bottles and emphasizes that “They (the wine) are not for show,” and states that, “I am not a collector…I intend to drink all of my wine.”  He watches 48 Hours as a way to glean a better perspective for the character he intends to play on H50.  “For me, it is the best thing to watch on TV and I know a lot of coppers too,” he says.  The likes of Dennis Franz of NYPD Blues and Dennis Farina of Law and Order are also fellow actors who are cops and who he truly respects and tries to emulate. “They are two guys I will always be chasing – they are real cops.” As a fellow actor, he has smoked a few cigars with them, listened to them, and has learned a great deal from them.

Chi does not consider himself a method actor (a process in which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals, aided by a set of exercises and practices including sense memory and affective memory — Wikipedia), in an interview with The Boston Globe, he said, “Acting is nothing more than pretending to exhibit certain human behaviors. I don’t look at it like this is a glamorous thing.  It’s my job. A proven acting prowess and presence on screen does not guarantee long term television life.”  The towering thespian says, “I look at every job as…‘We’re here till we’re not here.’ Every ounce of whatever meager talent I have, I’m going to throw at my job until we’re done.”  Apparently McBride has employed this “hit-it-and-quit-it” mentality.  In a very recent interview with the Television Critics Association press tour he had this to say, “This is a business where if you don’t know how to move on, the next thing you know is that you will start drinking.”  With today’s life expectancy and the no-guarantee of the television business, it’s that statement of Chi McBride that all upcoming and wannabe actors should learn from.

Dennis Chun and Chi McBride HPDs Finest Chief Duke Lukela and SWAT Captain Lou Grover

Dennis Chun and Chi McBride
HPD’s finest Chief Duke Lukela
and SWAT Captain Lou Grover

Team H50 was able to catch up with McBride during their third day back at work on the H50 set.   While wearing his SWAT gear, the Captain Lou Berger character says, “It will be an episode that will blow everyone away.”

And what does Dennis “Duke Lukela” Chun say about his Captain? “Chi is great. He is a very giving actor, a consummate professional and a wonderful person to have on the set. He does a fantastic job as Captain Grover.” 

McBride told Team H50 that he was not on any social networking websites.  When asked how he felt about being a part of H50, “I feel good…very good. This is my first time on the Island of Oahu…I just wished I had brought my wife and son with me to enjoy it also.”

The 6’4″ Chi McBride and Dennis Chun allowed a truckload of tourists and adoring fans in for some photo ops, while the H50 cast and crew were filming in front of the King Kamehameha Statue located at the Ali’iolani Hale in Downtown Honolulu. 

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  1. kathy28

    Aloha Chi – what a fun to see you again, loved you in “human target” 😉 Hope it won’t last too long till seasaon 4 starts in Germany too 🙂

    take care

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