5 – 0 On The Beach


Many (Hawaii Five-0 fans) have crossed oceans just to say they have actually “felt and experienced it” for themselves.

A person cannot explain an actual “H50 experience” with words alone. Without sounding like double-talk, this experience has to be “experienced” by the individuals themselves in real time. Each person will feel something a little different.

It’s a “see it” “touch it” “smell it” and a “you gotta be there” kind of moment to even begin talking about it with other people who have also had the experience. One H50 fan tried to put it into words… “The feeling is like being on a wave… and riding it until it crashes onto the shore.” If you are one of those unfortunate people who has not been able to experience an “up close and personal” H50 SOTB, then reading about someone else’s account of the event or even seeing their iPhone uploaded YouTube video will not be enough.

But what actually happens?

It is crowds of people camping out at 1 am in the morning, picking out and securing a spot at the Queen Surf beach for a prized vantage seat close to the red carpet area to have an up close and personal experience with the cast and producers who you hope will pass by your secured spot only for a 5 second look. It’s carefully coordinating with other H50 friends as to what is your scheduled time to guard their staked out area. It is people calling on their cell phones to other friends who are on their way and coming with either, water, food or anything else needed to survive the long awaited event. It’s figuring the best times of when to take bathroom breaks or to get coffee at Starbucks. It is the taking of a lot of pictures and videos and hoping your battery or power source holds out.

And what is it that makes it all worth it?

Executive Producer, Peter M. Lenkov dropped by bearing Coco Puff and Bottled H20 to fans!

Executive Producer, Peter M. Lenkov dropped by bearing Coco Puff and Bottled H20 to fans!

It is the kind gesture of a Peter M. Lenkov (Boss) who takes time to visit with the crowd of fans in the morning, bringing them boxes of Coco Puffs and bottled water – a sign of his appreciation to all of the dedicated fans who have become #H50hana and who have been there for him and the show he so loves since Season 1.

In some ways, Boss and company has tried to create exactly that kind of an experience for its viewers by first choosing an intriguing main theme while superimposing it with diametric dialogue, adding dynamic casting and shooting it in interesting locations, and layering each episode with unexpected twists causing the fans to stay on the edge wondering what will happen next. The casts and writers, as well as the fans, have all immersed themselves (voluntarily of course) into this complex and symbiotic relationship with each other through the use of the evolving social media (FB and Twitter).

The H50 experience is truly a non-stop (24/7) experience.

The 5-0 side show!

Bruce and Yaling Fishers, local travel entrepreneurs and owners of Hawaii Aloha Travel, have put together reasonably priced packages for fans to be a part of the H50 SOTB experience. They provide exciting activities for fans from location tours to luaus…and if you are lucky you might just meet a 5-0 cast member. This year, their theme is a H50 Murder Mystery tour and includes a “Cluedo WhoDunnit” murder mystery activity. The highlight of the tour will be a visit to the McGarrett Residence at the Bayer Estates.


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Season 4

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Logo (courtesy of CBS Television)

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Logo
(courtesy of CBS Television)

The last episode of Hawaii Five – O Season 3 left all of the fans with many unanswered questions, which is Standard Operating Procedure for Hawaii Five-O season ending episodes. What is Doris truly hiding from her son Steve?  What will happen to Kono and Adam?  How will Catherine’s talents best be utilized in the task force?  Will Chin Ho and Danny both succumb to marriage again?

H50 fans are jockeying for answers.  Each fan is deciding and wondering what to do: either to sit in the front or to sit in the back.  Eventually, they will find their seats and take the ride.

Loyal fans reach up to pull the safety harness down over their heads and bodies while being drawn in to the familiar theme song emanating out from their television sets letting them know that they are firmly locked in and unable to get out and off until the ride is over.  These fans will feel the Hawaiian sea breeze gently blow over their faces.  They will begin to smell the salt water enticing them to linger only for a few moments while they wait and anticipate themselves being released from the platform. This will be no ordinary ride.

What can fans expect?  Peter M. Lenkov, H50’s show runner, tells the fans to “Expect double spirals and triple corkscrews, speeds of 88+ km/h (55 mph), going through inverted loops and experiencing negative G forces, being jostled from side to side as you make your way through the ins and outs of unseen twists, then be taken down into dark depths no one has ever been before, to reemerge up to a height that overlooks what has only been seen from the top of Diamond Head.”

These upcoming rides will induce tears of joy and sadness along with laughter and anger from loyal fans.  It will evoke human emotions and perplexing thought and discussions at work, the dinner table, the local tavern, FacebookTwitter, or any place fans choose to congregate and interact.  Some fans may be capable of texting and tweeting other fans their thoughts or points of view while on this ride.

This interactive engagement between the fans is highly encouraged.  It is what keeps the H50’s team of writers, cast members and crew fixated on bringing the fans their weekly dose of carguments, beautiful Hawaiian scenery, heart pounding actiondrama and all around thrilling entertainment.

The phenomenon of the social media has taken Hawaii Five – O to a higher level of ambassadorship and ohana.  It has truly made a global connection with people of diverse cultures and languages and has brought so many people together.

This season, most of the H50 fans must reorient themselves to a different time for viewing.  Hawaii Five – O will no longer be shown on Monday nights and instead will now be shown on Fridays.  Check your local TV listings for viewing and for setting the DVR.

There is good news for those ardent fans who can afford to come to Hawaii.  SOTB4 is scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 26, 2013.  All of the Waikiki hotels are preparing and are expecting even more fans this year than there were in the previous years.  Fans are encouraged to book early with Hawaii-Aloha to get a good package deal.

Five-O’s favorite Forensic Lab Tech, Brian “Charlie Fong” Yang tells the fans “thanks for all love and support.  looking forward to bringing you a great S4“!

Mr. Lenkov laments, “Everyone’s excited to get back to work. We have great stories, great guest stars and great expectations to ‘kick ass’ on our new night.

Our good friend Mr. Dennis Chun ( “Sgt. Duke Lukela”) adds, “Know that Season 4 will be a great ride. I hope the fans will help CBS rock on Friday nights. I want to give deep Mahalos out for everyone’s aloha and support. Let’s book ‘em.”

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A Conversation with William Sadler


tumblr_ml7eroowNo1s89f90o1_1280Meeting William Sadler will be in the category of the best moment for TeamH50 – it’s a moment that took a couple of months in the making before finally sitting down with one of the best character actor that Hollywood and Broadway has ever produced.  There are actors…and then there are “actors”…and William Sadler is an actor (in the purest sense of the word).

William “Bill” Sadler loves performing. From an early age, he took to performing in front of an audience. He was known as Banjo Bill Sadler…singing and cracking jokes while playing on a stage. In his senior year in high school, under his English teacher Dan Larkin’s persuasion, he auditioned for a senior play and won the role which took him to a personal journey and discovery – to a thing called “acting.”  

He earned his Master’s degree in Acting along with a minor in Speech Communications at Cornell University, which is about three hours east from his birth city of Buffalo, New York.  He is also a certified speech teacher and is particularly skilled at accents.

Mr. Sadler is a multi-faceted actor who has put 48 films and 62 television shows (recurring and guests appearances combined) under his belt and who still can find time to pursue his love for music and his banjo playing.

Acting on Stage and Television: advice Bill Sadler gives to young actors

Start in the theatre business because IT WILL help you.  You’ll have a month of rehearsals to dig deep trying to find the performance within…and when the performance starts, it’s all about you…your character, and your fellow actors.  It’s a dance you’ll work out together…you’ll rise and fall together…even if you who carries the show, you’ll support each other.  Every night is a brand new challenge…a different audience, a different mood in which you will have only two hours to control this “machine” of yours.  Your concentration and focus cannot lapse.  Your energy, your instincts all get exercised night after night for eight weeks and that NEVER happens in the film business.”

He continues, “You will get the job and show up on the movie set.  You will meet the woman who will play your wife the morning you will shoot the scene and that you are supposed to be married for twenty years, and you have a family a history, and the huge blow up scene with your father, an actor you have not met, will happen on the first day of filming and the director looks down at his watch and says, ‘We are losing the light, and we got to go.’  And you can either bring it or not bring it…but there is no time, no rehearing…you run through it a couple of times…you run the words…you run the scenes a couple of times and they’ll set the blocking, so the cameras can come in and set their blocking…then the lights set up and the actors go away and then come back to shoot it and that’s all the preparation you’ll have in the film business, generally speaking.  I guess there are exceptions, like in Shawshank, I think we had a week of rehearsing on the set, but I have never seen it happen other than on that film.  So unless you can figure this stuff out for yourself or with your fellow actors or when you are in your hotel rooms with the script, then you are at the mercy of wind…especially when you don’t have those tools.  If he or she is a good director, then maybe you will be wonderful…if he or she is not so great of a director and you are lost, then you won’t be so wonderful.”

“People that I respect as actors keep going back to the theatre…they never get far away from it, because it keeps them sharp…it keeps their tools handy so when it’s three am in the morning on a frozen lake in the middle of Colorado and you have been waiting for over 13 hours to get this particular shot…and when they finally say “action” you can pull something together…you can find that zone even under terrible circumstances…even with a director that you don’t like or with scripts that aren’t all that wonderful.  It’s the best protection you can have – the training.”


In his Shawshank Redemption experience, Sadler talked about how its director, Frank Darrabont, casted a group of actors who had theatre experience, which made the dialog scenes in the lunch room more fun to do. “They are the best,” he said, “if you watch the dining room scene, you look around the table…everyone was clocking at each other…it was the most wonderful feeling too…it’s the little web of communication that makes the scene lift off the pages.  There was no one that did not bring their “A” game to that scene.”

“Doing a scene with Morgan Freeman definitely will bring out your “A” game, because when you give him something…he is going to feel it, get it, hear it and then he will give you something back…and that is all that this game is.”  Sadler added more thing about being in Shawshank Redemption, “I am proudest the most.”

About Alex and Five-0


When Alex O’Loughlin and William Sadler shot the now famous handshake scene on the episode Season 3.15 “Hookman” he describes the moment, “It was an interesting idea.”  But it received mixed reaction and at the time of this interview, which was the day after he had shot the scene, Bill asked us (TeamH50) not to talk about until it had aired.

He says that some people on the set were unsure of how that scene would look like but for him and Alex, “It was if something happened.   There was that certain kind of feeling on the set as if something important had just occurred.  And as we all know now, it was something very mystical about that father and son experience.”

three-rivers46Sadler who had worked with Alex O’Loughlin previously (in the movie August Rush and Three Rivers) described O’Loughlin as a great human being, an actor with skills, “I just like him enormously…he has the chops…and he has the passion for it.”

“We have always hit it off right from the get-go.  It’s funny because we don’t see each other often.  I come in once a year, and when I am there (on set), it’s like I had never left…like ‘Hey, how are you doing son.’ And he (Alex) would reply, ‘Hey Dad’(with his Aussie accent)” as he fondly shared with TeamH50 about his TV son.

On how he got the coveted John McGarrett role, “I met Peter Lenkov in his office in Los Angeles.” The writer/producer described the scene and character in detail saying, “John McGarret is someone who is going to be important even after he is gone.” Sadler recalls, “He (Peter) wanted the scene to be moving, humanized and grounding. The scene must capture the true essence of a McGarrett father-son relationship.  It has to be a moment that resonates for the rest of the season and beyond for Steve.”

In describing the Five-0 chemistry, “You know when you are on a TV show.  Sometimes you tend to stay in the trailer and have a “call me when you need me” kind of attitude.  But this cast looks after each other, they hang out together, they talk about what they do during weekends or if they tried this or that.  This is a group who seems to be enjoying the ride and they know that they all are in the same boat together.”

Over the years, Hollywood actors have come and gone.  And those who have stayed on are the likes of a William Sadler.  He is an actor who has longevity in the business, not just because he still looks good (where would you think McGarrett would get his charms that Doris McGarrett fell for) and plays the banjo, but because he is an actor who always brings his “A” game, who is the kind of guy that Peter Lenkov can go to and rely on to perform one of the most memorable five minute scenes to be seen on a pilot of a TV series, that has been “resonating” over the past three seasons of the show.

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Five-0 viewers were very fortunate to see a three-dimensional Lt. Catherine Rollins in Season 3. Other than being a “personal assistant” to Steve McGarrett, Catherine, or “Cath” as Steve likes to calls her, has protected McGarrett’s mom (twice on record that we know of), has been seen dangling on the side of a 13 floor building, has kicked some FBI butt, has gone undercover for the Five-0 task unit as a roller derby queen, and even has accompanied McGarrett to North Korea and helped to bring back the body of a fallen soldier (while shooting some North Korean rebels along the way).  We all saw the softer side of Cath too – a breakfast date with Gracey, a Halloween movie date with McGarrett and some of her surfing prowess.

 He ikaika wahine – a strong woman.

It has been a good year on the set of Hawaii Five-0 for Michelle Borth.  She has been successful in being more than just Alex O’Loughlin’s love interest. Whether it was a 60 second screen moment or an entire 42 minute episode, Borth has demonstrated to her fans that she can deliver the role of Catherine Rollins and make her character stand on her own.

The fans applauded Peter Lenkov for promoting her to a series regular in Season 3.  Lots of props must go out to the Five-0 writing team for transitioning Catherine to who she is today and for Michelle injecting “life” into her role.  Michelle has embraced Catherine.  She has complete trust in the show’s writers.  She now owns the role of Catherine.  And no matter how much (more or less) in speaking lines she gets, Michelle delivers!

At the end of a Five-0 episode, Catherine seems to be the one woman that McGarrett needs and comes home to after an exhausting and brain wrenching case.  She brings the calm into McGarrett’s life.  She is the woman that makes Steve McGarrett normal.  At the end of the day, Michelle Borth is Five-0’s normal too.  

Michelle has physically moved herself to Hawaii to completely embrace the show and the Hawaiian lifestyle. Since moving to Oahu, she has become less guarded and has begun interacting more with the H50 fans…sometimes even more than what an appreciative fan had even expected from a TV star.  On an interview Michelle was quoted saying, “They (the fans) have shown me so much love… more than I have ever received, at any other place I have worked before.  It is really incredible in the amount of support I have received so far.  So why not embrace all of the love that people have to give.”  It is a sign that Michelle Borth has indeed embraced the true Ohana spirit.

In the span of 24 episodes on the island of Oahu there has been a “Borthvolution” which now has over 216 million viewers. 

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Aloha Chi McBride

Grover, HPD

Grover, HPD

According to Hawaii Five-O’s executive producer and show runner, Peter M. Lenkov, “It’s always fun to dig back into Five-O mythology and resurrect a character.” On the upcoming fourth season, the show will see the reprise of SWAT Captain Lou Grover.  The character, Captain Lou Grover that appeared during the 7th Season of the original Hawaii Five-O, was played by Scott Brady.  Chi McBride will be the one to reenact that role in H50’s Season 4.

In a recent press release, Peter Lenkov said, “The recently transfer of Captain Grover from the Chicago police department to HPD wasn’t easily sold on Five-O′s tactics and the way Steve McGarrett and his merry band of ‘do-whatever-the-hell-they-want’ task force operate. What Five-O does goes against Grover’s own style of law enforcement.  And that is what creates good drama…so prepare for some combustion and tension between these two men this season.”

Chi McBride as Principal Steven Harper on Boston Public

Chi McBride as Principal
Steven Harper on Boston Public

Chi McBride, known as “Principal Steven Harper” in Boston Public, “Emerson Cod” in Pushing Daisies and very recently as “Detective Don Owens” in Golden Boy is nicknamed after the city from where he was born – Chicago, Illinois. Kenneth “Chi” McBride did not pursue show business until he was in his thirties. He really wanted to be a musician.  He learned a couple of instruments while in school and was in a gospel choir.  He even worked a bit for a telephone company in Atlanta, Georgia. 

McBride, an aficionado for cigars, appreciates his enviable wine cellar of 1,600 bottles and emphasizes that “They (the wine) are not for show,” and states that, “I am not a collector…I intend to drink all of my wine.”  He watches 48 Hours as a way to glean a better perspective for the character he intends to play on H50.  “For me, it is the best thing to watch on TV and I know a lot of coppers too,” he says.  The likes of Dennis Franz of NYPD Blues and Dennis Farina of Law and Order are also fellow actors who are cops and who he truly respects and tries to emulate. “They are two guys I will always be chasing – they are real cops.” As a fellow actor, he has smoked a few cigars with them, listened to them, and has learned a great deal from them.

Chi does not consider himself a method actor (a process in which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals, aided by a set of exercises and practices including sense memory and affective memory — Wikipedia), in an interview with The Boston Globe, he said, “Acting is nothing more than pretending to exhibit certain human behaviors. I don’t look at it like this is a glamorous thing.  It’s my job. A proven acting prowess and presence on screen does not guarantee long term television life.”  The towering thespian says, “I look at every job as…‘We’re here till we’re not here.’ Every ounce of whatever meager talent I have, I’m going to throw at my job until we’re done.”  Apparently McBride has employed this “hit-it-and-quit-it” mentality.  In a very recent interview with the Television Critics Association press tour he had this to say, “This is a business where if you don’t know how to move on, the next thing you know is that you will start drinking.”  With today’s life expectancy and the no-guarantee of the television business, it’s that statement of Chi McBride that all upcoming and wannabe actors should learn from.

Dennis Chun and Chi McBride HPDs Finest Chief Duke Lukela and SWAT Captain Lou Grover

Dennis Chun and Chi McBride
HPD’s finest Chief Duke Lukela
and SWAT Captain Lou Grover

Team H50 was able to catch up with McBride during their third day back at work on the H50 set.   While wearing his SWAT gear, the Captain Lou Berger character says, “It will be an episode that will blow everyone away.”

And what does Dennis “Duke Lukela” Chun say about his Captain? “Chi is great. He is a very giving actor, a consummate professional and a wonderful person to have on the set. He does a fantastic job as Captain Grover.” 

McBride told Team H50 that he was not on any social networking websites.  When asked how he felt about being a part of H50, “I feel good…very good. This is my first time on the Island of Oahu…I just wished I had brought my wife and son with me to enjoy it also.”

The 6’4″ Chi McBride and Dennis Chun allowed a truckload of tourists and adoring fans in for some photo ops, while the H50 cast and crew were filming in front of the King Kamehameha Statue located at the Ali’iolani Hale in Downtown Honolulu. 

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A Very Special Five-O Hump Day!


What a way to spend your Hump Day!

Hawaii Five 0 Soundstage  (Photo courtesy of Peter M. Lenkov)

Hawaii Five 0 Soundstage
(Photo courtesy of Peter M. Lenkov)

The Season 4 of Hawaii Five-O will swing back into production mode July 10, 2013.   It has become a Hawaii Five-O tradition to have a traditional Hawaiian blessing done at the start of every new season to show a sign of respect for the host culture and to signify new beginnings.  The H50 TV series will begin filming this season, as did the original Hawaii Five-O show of the late 60s – 80s, from the Honolulu Sound Stage at Diamond Head.

Among the many H50’s mainstay of casts, producers, writers and crew members are our two well known local actors, Dennis Chun and Al Harrington, who will also be in attendance as special guests.

Hawaii News Now is the “only” TV station in town who was invited to be on the set to witness the blessing and the start of the show’s filming, according to HNN’s Tannya Joaquin.

The blessing will begin at 12 noon (Honolulu Time) and will be seen streaming live for the fans to watch.


Click here to watch via computer: http://hine.ws/live
Click this link to watch via mobile live stream: http://bit.ly/hnnlive2

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Conversations with Five-O

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